Rules & Regulations

To help everyone seize the day!

Check-In: 2pm l Check-Out: Noon

1. Gate closes at 11 p.m. and no cars are permitted. Registered walk-ins only are allowed on campground.

2. All visitors must register in office. FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE ENTERING THE GROUNDS.   Visitor fees charged for any period of time.

NOTE: There are hotels and motels within 10 minutes for extra guests.

3. Fires must be in fire ring. No unattended fires or bonfires. Do not move fire rings or there will be a $75.00 charge.

4. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. No radios after 11 p.m. Please keep sounds within your site always.

5. Pets must be on leash at all times. Pets may be walked along Wisconsin Pkwy. All waste must be picked up immediately. No pets allowed on sand beach area. Loud and continuous barking is not permitted. Pet fee is $5.00 per stay. 2 pet maximum. No aggressive breeds allowed.

6. Please clean fish on newspaper. Wrap used paper in plastic and dispose of in container next to dumpster in parking lot. DO NOT throw in campground dumpsters.

7. Use recycle bins for plastic, glass and cans.

8. Drunkenness and drugs are not allowed. The Sheriff will be called and you will be asked to leave.

9. Report all accidents to the office.

10. Do not walk in front of other camps or on the piers marked private or with a boat. They are rented and paid for by others.

11. The beach closes at 10:00 p.m. An adult must supervise children at all times. There is no lifeguard on duty.

12. Never dump grey water or waste water on the ground. The DNR will issue a hefty fine.

13. One car per site. Two, or more cars in parking lot at additional fees.

14. The speed limit is 5 m.p.h.

15. Please park on gravel ­ not the grass.

16. You may not bring in your own firewood per DNR or cut down trees for firewood. It may be purchased at office or Pub.

17. Please properly wrap trash and place in dumpsters. If you need bags, stop by the office.

18. For the enjoyment of all campers, please use stairs and roads to get through the grounds and not the slopes.

19. Please help us keep the washrooms clean. Notify the office if there is a problem.

20. Boats must be operated with an adult present. Under no circumstances should a boat be operated while intoxicated. Observe the NO WAKE times posted at the boat ramp.

21. Golf carts are permitted. See office for authorization and rules.

22. Please cover septic and electric.

23. If the rules are not observed, we reserve the right to ask you to leave with NO REFUND.